Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vincent Browne and the Suicide Bombers...

Vincent Browne is an Irish newspaper columnist whose act appears to consist of figuring out which way public sentiment is going and then inventing an opinion that goes against it. It's a respectable way to make a living but every now and then he comes across as a complete eejit:

The clamour over the three "terrorist" incidents in Britain over the last few days speaks of manipulated hysteria, Islamophobia and a collective myopia over real dangers and disasters. Nobody has been killed. Minimal damage to property has been caused. A clear inference from these acts is that those responsible are amateurs, unlikely to pose a substantial threat.

Source: Irish Times, 4-Jul-07

Of course they were amateurs - professional suicide bombers are hard to come by, especially if you are looking for someone who's competent....

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Frank said...

England does seem to be good at producing/attracting crap suicide bombers. From the guy trying to light his shoe on an aircraft to people who can't even drive into the doors of an airport, England has them all.

They should come up with a name for this new crime. I suggest the "suicide embarrassment". As in, "This morning at 10am there was another suicide embarrassment when a man wearing a dynamite belt was caught running around Lakeside Shopping Center yelling 'Why the f*ck won't it go off?'"