Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More 'Ideas Campaign' Lunacy...

They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel:

Just think of all the customers your business will get if you do this:


Google, according to the front page of today’s Irish Times, is sending 5 cars with cameras on their roofs to record “streetscapes” for addition to Google earth and Google maps. This will allow for people to virtual tours of streets in towns and cities of Ireland. The cameras will pick up details of shop fronts and displays in windows etc.

If each business prominently displayed the business web address (website location) boldly on windows or door name plates, free advertising of that business would ensue and potentially generate extra “after hours” or international inquiries. So… start displaying your web addresses and watch for the Google cameras as they drive around capturing your details!

Some of them may even be from Wales:


Why not build a four lane bridge from Ireland to Wales, the building creates jobs, the maintenance creates jobs, creates jobs in customs, security on both sides. It speeds up delivery of goods from one country to another; no plane costs, no shipping costs, no waiting around for the truck to be loaded up etc.

The toll would say be €12 and €10 of that is divided evenly between countries with €2 being used for maintenance. It’s 64 km from Dublin to Wales. To summarise it, cuts cost for travel for ordinary people and business creates jobs in both economies both economies will benefit from money regains tourism industry will grow as it’s easier to come over and leave

(This idea is very long and detailed and has had to be edited for space reasons)

What's amazing is that the supposedly sane people at IBEC are backing this nonsense...


Anonymous said...

See also:

"Whether the operation is a government backed astroturf operation or a genuine grassroots operation has yet to be resolved. The domain itself is technically owned by a business - Amas... Amas has substatial clients in the public sector including some government departments. The vile and grasping terms and conditions of (recently changed) had allowed any ideas submitted to be appropriated without recompense and to be repackaged and sold on for a profit. Serious questions have to be asked about the provenance of Is it an astroturf operation? It is merely a PR campaign for Amas? Is it a political parachute campaign?"


Paul Moloney said...

I'm surprised you missed this one, which must have been submitted by a Dr E. Ville:

"What I propose is a massive, national investment in a product which we have aplenty, and is increasing; is free in its raw state and is now worth more globally per litre than oil - FRESH WATER!

Like Lemass did in the 50’s, we need to invest large sums into ‘damming’ some of our (otherwise non-productive) upland areas - hills with glaciated/v-shaped valleys, which are common in places like West Cork & Kerry. We then use Hydro-Electric power (existing technology) to make electricity which powers the pumps required to fill tanker ships and filter the water."

But my favourite is this one:

"Review the entire process for the granting of planning permission. We have cash rich viable private individuals with proven track records in construction and development and they are being strangled by bureaucracy and the small mindedness of our planning department."

...which must have been taken directly from this Onion article:


David Rolfe said...

What's truly frightening is that these are the good ideas - can you imagine what the dross are like? Unless, of course, they are cutting out ideas that involve saving money...

The last few batches have each had one or two vaguely plausible ways to save money (stopping the Metro for example) but are still dominated by utter idiocy.

Why the obsession with money? This year we'll spend 50 Billion and only take in between 30 and 34....