Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guns in the US

The IT had the now obligatory "aren't-those-yanks-dreadful-for-owning-guns" editorial last Saturday:

THE TRAGIC shootings in Fort Hood, Texas, have drawn attention again to the frightening availability of guns in the US – a staggering 97 guns for every 100 people. Although the killings took place on an army base, neither of the pistols used were army-issue. And the state of Texas, ranked 27th by a gun control lobby group in terms of the ease with which guns can be bought, has no requirement that handgun buyers obtain a licence or undergo any type of safety training. Police do not know how many guns are in the state or where they are.

I sent the IT a letter, which they didn't publish:


Your editorial which criticised US gun laws overlooked a rather serious flaw in the law relating to firearms in Ireland. While ownership of a handful of guns is illegal, importing a boatload to equip a private army on a twenty year rampage of murder, mayhem and maiming will in practice be retrospectively legalised the moment you publicly announce your intention to stop.

Not only will you not be prosecuted but you will instead be thanked for your contribution to the bizarrely named 'peace process' and invited to participate in constitutional politics.

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